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  • 2015-05-26
    • Academic Ceremony 2015

      The ceremony was held in the Christina Nilsson room at Växjö Concert Hall and the ceremonial dinner took place in building M on campus. High-resolution versions of the group photos can be downloaded in the column to the right.

  • 2015-05-13
  • 2015-05-07
    • Previously unknown sink for methane deep discovered deep in granitic rock (press release)

      A study published in Nature Communications, April 2015, by Henrik Drake of Linnaeus University, Sweden, and colleagues, explores a previously unknown sink for the greenhouse gas methane at great depth in fractured granitic rock. The methane in the granite is consumed through microbe-mediated anaerobic oxidation, a process dominantly described from marine seabeds where it significantly mitigates the escape of methane to the atmosphere. However, the methane oxidation deep in the granite shows several intriguing differences compared to marine seabeds.