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Application procedure

Information for Coordinators and Students at Partner Institutions

Linnaeus University has developed an online application for exchange students applying to the University. Please inform all students who are applying as exchange students to use the online application instead of the paper based application previously used. Paper applications will not be accepted and students applying on the paper based application will be asked to complete the online application.

Online Application Process

  1. Coordinators email with the following information about the nominated students: Please note that nominations must be received by April 1 for the autumn semester and October 1 for the spring semester. More information about deadlines can be found here: Application deadline
    • Name of the student(s)
    • E-mail address to student(s)
    • Semester(s) of exchange
    • Level of study (undergraduate/bachelor OR postgraduate/master)
    • Study location (Kalmar OR Växjö)
    • Subject area (for Erasmus partners only)
  2. The student receives an e-mail from Linnaeus University with log-in information and instructions on how to complete the application. The student should then send the following documents by email to

- Transcripts of Records in English
- Language Proficiency Report (for those students who will be studying in a language other than their first language)
- A copy of the student's passport photo page. For EU citizens, an identity card with nationality is sufficient.

When the online application is completed and submitted and all the required documents are email to us, the International Office will start the process of admitting the student.

  1. Once the student is officially admitted, a letter of acceptance and a welcome package will be posted to the student's home adress or home university.

The following information will be e-mailed to students once they have been nominated by their home university:
You have been nominated by your home university to study as an exchange student at Linnaeus University. We are happy to invite you to submit an application for admission to Linnaeus University. To apply for admission, you must submit an online application. It may be a good idea to print this email to assist you when going online to submit your application. Please read the information below carefully.
Please note that you have to email us the following documents:

  1. Transcripts of records in English
  2. Language Proficiency Report
  3. A copy of your passport photo page

The application will not be considered complete without the attachments.

  1. To submit your application, please go to web link provided below. Log on by entering the e-mail address to which this message was sent and the personal password which has been assigned to you:
    Log in information:
    The password is a personal identification code and is to be handled as confidential information. The password should not be passed on to anyone. For security reasons you should memorize your password for future use.
  2. Before starting the online application read the information on our website to prepare your choice of courses. The information needed can also be found on our website: Exchange students
  3. Once logged in, read the information and check the I agree box on the first page of your application to continue.
  4. Complete your online application and Please note that all fields of the application must be completed.
  5. After finishing the application, submit it by clicking Submit.
  6. Send the supporting documents by email transcripts of records in English, Self assessment of English level and passport photo page)