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CHRISGAS - Fuels from Biomass

Renewable energy technologies are vital for our future. To combat the climate change we need to reduce the use of fossil fuel in the transport sector and develop technologies for the production of vehicle fuel based on renewable energy sources.


The aim of the CHRISGAS Project at its onset was to demonstrate, within a five-year period, the production of a clean hydrogen-rich synthesis gas from biomass.

The heart of this Project was to be based around the Växjö Värnamo Biomass Gasification Centre (VVBGC) in Sweden which has a biomass-fuelled pressure IGCC (integrated gasification combined-cycle) CHP (combined heat and power) pilot plant facility.

CHRISGAS was an Integrated Proect funded by the EC under its 6th Framework Programme and by the Swedish Energy Agency. It started on 1st September 2004 and ran for five and a half years. 20 Partners representing industry and research from 7 EU member states were involved in the Project.

For more information on CHRISGAS please contact the Project Co-ordination Office at Linnaeus University.

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