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Fredrik Sandberg

My research concerns exploring and developing design methods for design practitioners working in complex design situations.

By complex design situations, I mean design projects where many small, big, scattered and hidden companies’ or organizations work together to co-create new future services or products.
Questions that interest me are:
What are the designers’ roles in complex design situations?
What methods can be used to create and share knowledge in complex design situations?
At the moment I focus my research on the Digital service markets project. It is a collaboration project between an interdisciplinary group of researchers from the Linnaeus University, a group of food producers from the surrounding province and food buyers from the municipality in Kalmar. The project has two aims; one is to create new services that will help the municipality to buy locally produced food. The other is to create services that will increase the communication between the involved food producers.
During the project I have developed and tested an inquiry method where the participants use visual presentation to create and share presentational knowledge.