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Welcome to the School of Business and Economics

With close to 4000 full-year students the School of Business and Economics is one of Sweden’s largest business schools in terms of the number of students. Yet, the close relationship between students and lecturers remains a priority.

Economists grow here

We offer exciting education programmes, interesting research and close ties between students and teachers.

Marketing Programme

The Marketing Programme is one of many top-notch education programmes at the School of Business and Economics. The programme has international focus and the language of tuition is English. Students will develop both theoretical and practical skills in marketing.

Marketing, Master Programme

We offer both a 1-year and a 2-year master programme in marketing. The traditional roles of marketers are evolving into more general management functions and marketers are more often recruited to CEO positions.

International Business Strategy, Master Programme

The purpose of this 1-year master pogramme is to develop students' ability to analyze strategic challenges faced by both multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises on the international arena.

Business Process and Supply Chain Management

We offer both a 1-year and a 2-year programme in Business Process and Supply Chain Management. Both programmes focus on issues relating to practical business processes and prepare students for different management positions. The 2-year programme has a stronger focus on research.

Leadership and Management in International Context

A 1-year master programme for those who aspire to be in leading positions within organizations and corporations with international operations. Students acquire a multi-faceted competence and a vital ability to act over and beyond national and cultural boundaries.