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Film studies

We encounter moving pictures everywhere, in YouTube clips, on HD TV screens or in the form of razor sharp pictures on enormous film screens. All moving pictures have their origin in the 100 year-old invention of film. The subject of film studies takes up the development of the moving picture medium from the dawn of film to the fantastically varied range of cinematic work on offer at present. Individual artists, genres and technologies are discussed. The ideological, economic and aesthetic significance of film will also be in focus. When you follow a course in film studies, you will increase your understanding of one of the most revolutionary media of the previous hundred years.

KingkongposterFilm studies as an academic subject asks questions like ' How and why did film make such an impact? What is the relationship between the film and the audience? If film is considered as an art form, how has one regarded and evaluated it as such? What can one learn about the values and ideologies of society through film and other 'media texts'? What is the relationship between film and other media forms?

At Linnaeus University you can opt for film studies as a freestanding course or within a degree programme such as Language, Culture and Communication or the Cultural Management Programme.

Film studies courses are offered on campus in Växjö as well as in the form of an evening course in Kalmar. In addition distance courses are offered every term as well as during the summer without the requirement for physical meetings.