Astroparticle Physics

The subjects of the Astroparticle Physics research group include hardware activities, data analysis and interpretation of results in the field of Very-High-Energy extra-galactic emitters. Our scientific focus is on Active Galactic Nuclei.

Our research

The research of the Astroparticle Physics group is connected to a number of interesting and cutting-edge projects. Read more about the backgrounds and the projects below.

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ALTO is the name given by the Linnaeus University Very-High-Energy gamma-ray group to a project we are developing for a wide-field Very High Energy (VHE) gamma-ray detector to be installed at very high altitude in the Southern hemisphere. For the ALTO project, the Astroparticle Physics research group works on:

  • The design of the detection tanks and of the full array.
  • The construction of a prototype detection unit on the Växjö campus, including choice of the photo-multipliers, of the scintillator and Cherenkov units optimization, and of the electronics needed to digitize the photo-multiplier signals.
  • The optimization of the array trigger.
The ALTO research group
The ALTO research team at the spot where a prototype one detector element will be built. From left to right: Satyendra Thoudam, Yvonne Becherini, Jean-Pierre Ernenwein, Michael Punch.



From time to time, we have vacancies like PhD positions. All current vacancies at Linnaeus University can be found at Work at the university.

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