Business Administration II - International Sales

7.5 credits

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In this course we take a close look at the various sales techniques that dominate both academic and non-academic courses in professional selling. We will also take a close look at the everyday work of a sales professional to get a better understanding of the interactions, relationships and networks, in and through which international selling is accomplished. Finally we will apply communication skills to practice sales meeting in an international context.


In Kalmar, Linnaeus University is located in the city centre. Universitetskajen is entirely newly-built and located just next to the sea. Here you become part of a creative knowledge environment.

The city centre is also where most students live. Everything is available within a ten-minute bicycle ride, regardless of whether you want to take a swim in the sea, study, do some shopping, or work out. Historical buildings and cobblestone streets give charm to the city. When it is sunny, the area next to Kalmar Castle’s moat is filled with studying and sunbathing students. Student life is a natural part of Kalmar. This is where your dream of the future begins!

House Vita at universitetskajen in Kalmar