Coding Theory

7.5 credits

A problem when it comes to sending information via some kind of a channel, is that noise may cause errors to occur, so that distorted versions of the messages will reach the receiver. One way to get around this problem is to encode the information in such a way, that such errors will be noticed. Under some conditions it will even be possible to correct the errors. In coding theory, one studies different ways to encode the information, so that error detection and correction can be performed.


Växjö is a modern city with more than 80,000 inhabitants. The city has been declared "the Greenest City in Europe" because of its focus on environmentally sound solutions and the environmental programs implemented.

Being a student in Växjö you have easy access to everything – the city centre, the woods and the lakes. The pedestrian path from campus around Lake Växjösjön reaches almost all the way to the city centre and is perfect for jogging or taking long walks.

Campus Växjö is modeled along the lines of an American campus university and is the natural meeting place for students in Växjö. Campus is always bustling with life, and students move between lecture rooms, the University Library and the restaurants, pubs and outdoor recreational areas.