Elementary number theory

7.5 credits

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In this course we study properties of the integers without using tools from other mathematical diciplines as algebra and analysis. Divisability, prime numbers and congruences are fundamental concepts in the course. By using these we study properties of arithmetic functions, quadratic residues and primitive roots. In the course theory and applications are combined. Among the applications we find, cryptography, coding and random number generation.


Roughly 15 minutes with a bike from the city centre, you will find Linnaeus University’s campus. It is like a small society with the university, student accommodation, and student life. Here you become part of a creative knowledge environment.

What will you come across on an excursion in Växjö – the city of contrasts? You will find good restaurants, a celebrated hockey team, and cozy cafés where you can enjoy a latte with lingonberry flavour. In Växjö, beautiful nature is always just around the corner; the city is surrounded by lakes and forests. Students like the combination of the city centre and the active student life on campus. Your dream of the future starts here!

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