Environment sol tavla krita skrift

English for primary school teachers

30 credits

The course furthers students' proficiency in the English language and gives a good theoretical and practical basis for teaching English to pupils in the early school years (K-6). Young learners' language, ICT in the classroom, cross-curricular studies, academic writing & oral presentations, assessment and grading as well as children's literature are areas that are covered in the course.

1EN130 is open for exchange students from Linnaeus university partner institutions, and the students study together with Swedish students on the primary school teacher training programme. Modules within the course can be exchanged to school practice periods in a Swedish primary school. Students who are interested in this option should contact the contact person for the course at the same time as they apply for it.


Växjö is a modern city with more than 80,000 inhabitants. The city has been declared "the Greenest City in Europe" because of its focus on environmentally sound solutions and the environmental programs implemented.

Being a student in Växjö you have easy access to everything – the city centre, the woods and the lakes. The pedestrian path from campus around Lake Växjösjön reaches almost all the way to the city centre and is perfect for jogging or taking long walks.

Campus Växjö is modeled along the lines of an American campus university and is the natural meeting place for students in Växjö. Campus is always bustling with life, and students move between lecture rooms, the University Library and the restaurants, pubs and outdoor recreational areas.