Fish Ecology, Advanced Level

7.5 credits

The fish fauna is diverse. No other vertebrates, like birds, mammals, reptiles or amphibians, include more species than the bone fishes. They exhibit an impressive variety of adaptions to aquatic habitats. Their impact on aquatic communities and ecosystems is overwhelming. Further, fish populations provide valuable resources for humans throughout the world.

This course focuses on the responses of fishes to their environments and the interactions between populations in a community. The topic of the course is essential for all students interested in fish biology, fisheries, habitat management and conservation of fish populations.

The course covers both theory and practical applications of fish ecology and behavior. It includes training in best practice of both field- and laboratory methods.

The course is given at an advanced level and consist of lectures, seminars, field- and laboratory exercises and an individual project work.

Kalmar – the student city by the sea

In Kalmar centre, right next to the sea, you will find the university’s facilities that were inaugurated in August 2021. In Kalmar, everything is nearby, and you can take your bicycle to the university regardless of where you live in the city.

New students have housing guarantee. This means that you are entitled to student accommodation within two months. This is one of the reasons for Kalmar being appointed Student City of the Year 2023 by the Swedish National Union of Students. Kalmar has also received the award because the city offers students an excellent living environment. What is more, the city works actively to create opportunities for students to stay in Kalmar to work when they have completed their studies.

Kalmar municipality has about 70 000 inhabitants. Kalmar has a strong trade and industry with many companies that are on the forefront in green energy, e-commerce, and eHealth, which means there is good opportunity to establish contacts for your future work life.

Kalmar has a cultural history centre and has been named Sweden’s Summer City several times. No wonder, with all the hours of sun, beaches and concerts. What is more, the island of Öland is just one bridge away.

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House Vita at universitetskajen in Kalmar

Build your own degree

Did you know that you can combine single-subject courses to build your own degree? In this way, you can design your own degree based on your interests and the career you are aiming for. This does not apply to all courses so make sure to check with a study counsellor at the faculty. Learn more about how you can build your own degree and become unique on the labour market.