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Graphic Design and Typography I

15 credits

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After completing the course, the student should have developed his or her ability to apply composition, graphic design and typography as a visual and communicative expression. The student will learn about basic rules and theories in typography, composition, color and design. The student should be able to reflect on the relationship between graphic elements and typography in different contexts as well as the importance of visual communication for the recipient. The student will critically examine his own and others' work. The course thus contains not only practical tasks in graphic design, but also written reports and reflection.

Student project

Student work
In their final project, students take on a social issue and get to ask themselves "what can we as graphic designers do?". Julija Rukanskaite created a campaign kit for activists to raise awareness about plastic waste, and how washing synthetic clothes pollutes our oceans.


To study on a distance education will give you different opportunities than on-campus teaching. It means that, to a large extent, you will be able to plan your studies yourself, both in terms of time and place.

However, keep in mind that most distance education includes a number of compulsory digital lectures and digital seminars during the weekdays. Some distance education also include compulsory get-togethers, for which you will have to travel to Växjö or Kalmar.

There are a number of different ways to be a distance student, the common denominator being that a large part of your study work is carried out on the web. You communicate with the teacher and your fellow students using a learning platform with discussion forums, group work, recorded lectures or video meetings using a web cam.

Student working from home