Leadership in Cross Cultural Contexts

7.5 credits

The course Leadership in cross cultural contexts deals with theories concerning cultural phenomena and intercultural communication covering challenges and possibilities from a leadership perspective. Examples from the merchant fleet may be used for discussions since seamanship comes with regular periods of cultural interactions. Otherwise the course treats the subject of leadership in cross cultural contexts in its general form and is therefore suited for students irrespective of professional interest.

The Course is given at one third speed with two mandatory meetings at Kalmar Maritime Academy, Sweden. In between these meetings there will be virtual activities on MyMoodle website/learning platform. The course is taught in English and is aimed for students with completed academic studies.


To study on a distance education will give you different opportunities than on-campus teaching. It means that, to a large extent, you will be able to plan your studies yourself, both in terms of time and place.

However, keep in mind that most distance education includes a number of compulsory digital lectures and digital seminars during the weekdays. Some distance education also include compulsory get-togethers, for which you will have to travel to Växjö or Kalmar.

There are a number of different ways to be a distance student, the common denominator being that a large part of your study work is carried out on the web. You communicate with the teacher and your fellow students using a learning platform with discussion forums, group work, recorded lectures or video meetings using a web cam.

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