Marketing in Mobile Devices

7.5 credits

The Marketing in Mobile Devices course is for those who would like to inform themselves on basic concepts that relate to novel uses of mobile devices for various marketing purposes. Mobile devices, not just mobile phones, are discussed on a range of topics as complementary to traditional marketing and the origin of innovative digital marketing practices. The teaching team consists of scholars with ongoing research on the field, and they update the content to reflect on the latest literature available on the area. The ultimate aim is to equip the learner with the theoretical background to analyze and integrate current or future mobile devices in their efforts as marketing practitioners. The course is run online with asynchronous modality to allow learners to follow the presented material at their own pace and convenience. The medium of instruction is English.

Kalmar – the student city by the sea

In Kalmar centre, right next to the sea, you will find the university’s facilities that were inaugurated in August 2021. In Kalmar, everything is nearby, and you can take your bicycle to the university regardless of where you live in the city.

There is also an accommodation guarantee for new students. This means that you are entitled to student accommodation within two months.

Kalmar municipality has about 70 000 inhabitants. Kalmar has a strong trade and industry with many companies that are on the forefront in green energy, e-commerce, and eHealth, which means there is good opportunity to establish contacts for your future work life.

Kalmar has a cultural history centre and has been named Sweden’s Summer City several times. No wonder, with all the hours of sun, beaches and concerts. What is more, the island of Öland is just one bridge away.

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House Vita at universitetskajen in Kalmar

Build your own degree

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