Media in Sweden

7.5 credits

This course provides an introduction to the Swedish media landscape and some basic theoretical frameworks in order to understand and compare media structures of various countries.

Swedish media are strongly protected by legislation. The Freedom of the Press Act is a constitutional law, dating back to 1766. The right to publish and to disseminate information is protected and an information sources has the right to remain anonymous. To guarantee an open Swedish society, the press law states the principle of public access to all official records.


The city of Kalmar is situated on the southeast coast of Sweden. Kalmar is a beautiful city with 65,000 inhabitants and a long history dating back to the Middle Ages, with many cosy neighbourhoods and great charm. The lush green areas surrounding Kalmar Castle and the city park are many students' favourite.

The proximity to the ocean and the island of Öland has left its mark on the city and there are many long pedestrian paths along the coast. It is never far to anything in Kalmar and most places can be reached in just 5-10 minutes' walk – the university, the ocean, the gym, or the city centre, Kvarnholmen.

In Kalmar the university buildings and student accommodations are spread throughout the town and are well integrated with the historical surroundings – making students feel part of the town.