Music and Social Media

7.5 credits

The course is primarily intended for musicians and others who wish to learn more about social media, and its use for presenting and spreading music by means of social media. It provides an overview of the digital media landscape as a cultural and social field. How has this field grown and changed over time? What technological innovations have had the strongest impact on its development? In what ways has social media affected music consumption?

The main aim of the course involves present methods for spreading music through social media. What values and norms affect how music and artists are presented? How are artists’ own cultural values reflected in their use of social media?

Do note, that a previous version of the course featured teachers who represented the music industry. However, in its present form, the course focuses entirely on scholarly approaches.

Distance – study where you are

Perhaps you would like to study in the Swedish mountains, in a big city, or at home close to family? Many of our programmes and courses are offered in distance format.

Studying at a distance can be done in different ways, either entirely without physical gatherings or with only a few gatherings on campus or at one of our learning centres. The common denominator is that a large part of your studies takes place online. You communicate with the teacher and other students with the help of a learning platform with discussion forums, group work, recorded lectures and online meetings.

The benefit of distance studies is the flexibility, something that is valuable if you want to be free to decide when and where you want to study. Some compulsory elements on you course or programme may take place during office hours, even though they are online.

Learn more about studying at a distance.

Student working from home

Build your own degree

Did you know that you can combine single-subject courses to build your own degree? In this way, you can design your own degree based on your interests and the career you are aiming for. This does not apply to all courses so make sure to check with a study counsellor at the faculty. Learn more about how you can build your own degree and become unique on the labour market.