Peace and Development Studies I

30 credits

In Peace and Development Studies we discuss questions around peace and security, development theory and international development co-operation, international political economy, armed conflicts and conflict resolution. The course offers a broad introduction for understanding of international conditions and global change. A current theme is how global and local conditions are interconnected, and how different levels try to influence the world order. The mode of work is interdisciplinary and group assignments dealing with contemporary issues are common in teaching. A case study with a roleplay on conlict resolution in the world society is part of the course.


Linnaeus University’s campus is located roughly 15 minutes with bicycle from the city centre. Campus is like a small society in its own right, with the university, student accommodation and student life all in one place. Everything happens on campus – here you become part of a creative knowledge environment and an eventful student life.

What will you find when exploring Växjö? There is a great selection of restaurants and cosy cafés. There is a large lake in the city centre, beautiful nature is always nearby. Many students enjoy the combination of the city centre in Växjö and life on campus. This is where your dream of the future begins!