Peace and Development Studies II

30 credits

In this course you will learn about the linkages between peace and development, and you study conflicts and conflict resolution in relation to the development process in different countries. In the course we also deepen the discussion about global development and theories of development in an economic perspective.

The relations between peace, conflict and security are studied from economic, sociological and political perspectives. Important questions are related to why violent conflicts often take place in countries with a low level of development, and how this situation may be influenced. Which actors at local, regional and global level in the world society are influencing the development? As we study development together with peace and conclicts we may better understand how poverty and growing global rifts can cause conflicts and violence.

After having participated in the course you are expected to know and account for different theories and methods of conflict analysis and conditions for development. You should also be able to discuss the relations between theory, method and reality.


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