Tourism Studies II - Tourism Management

30 credits

Tourism Planning and Development 6 credits, Hospitality Management 6 credits and Event Management 6 credits:

The ambition is to introduce valuable perspectives on tourism management. Through research findings and business insights within; tourism planning, hospitality management and event management, students will meet the multifaceted phenomena of tourism management.

Tourism Studies - Managing People in Tourism and Hospitality 6 credits

Tourism is a people driven business. It is about managing people within organizations as well as managing visitor expectations. The course module enhance and develop a critical understanding of the importance of service quality in hospitality and tourism, within a Swedish legal framework, in a context of consumer demands and behaviour.

Tourism geo-informatics and destination management 6 credits:

This course concentrates on spatial information systems and their use in tourism management. The GIS-technology is a fundamental part of the course. During the course GIS is used as a tool for exercises on tourism development, planning and marketing.

Entrepreneurship in the Tourism Industry 6 credits:

The Tourism Industry is driven by people with ideas and the ability to turn them into business ventures. This course combine theories from the fields of Tourism studies and Entrepreneurship. You will gain knowledge and critical understanding from participating in case studies in a human laboratory environment.

Individual Research Project 6 credits:

During the module the student will design, conduct, and report an independent research project on tourism in Sweden. The module is for exchange students only.


The city of Kalmar is situated on the southeast coast of Sweden. Kalmar is a beautiful city with 65,000 inhabitants and a long history dating back to the Middle Ages, with many cosy neighbourhoods and great charm. The lush green areas surrounding Kalmar Castle and the city park are many students' favourite.

The proximity to the ocean and the island of Öland has left its mark on the city and there are many long pedestrian paths along the coast. It is never far to anything in Kalmar and most places can be reached in just 5-10 minutes' walk – the university, the ocean, the gym, or the city centre, Kvarnholmen.

In Kalmar the university buildings and student accommodations are spread throughout the town and are well integrated with the historical surroundings – making students feel part of the town.