Vector analysis

7.5 credits

• continuous curves and arc lengths

• Taylor’s formula

• Local investigations of functions

• Triple integrals, multiple integrals, change of variables

• Integrals with one parameter

• Differential calculus for vector valued functions

• Functional matrices and functional determinants

• Line integrals

• Gauss theorem in two dimensions and Green’s formula

• Double integrals

• Gauss’ theorem in three dimensions

• Stokes’ theorem


Roughly 15 minutes with a bike from the city centre, you will find Linnaeus University’s campus. It is like a small society with the university, student accommodation, and student life. Here you become part of a creative knowledge environment.

What will you come across on an excursion in Växjö – the city of contrasts? You will find good restaurants, a celebrated hockey team, and cozy cafés where you can enjoy a latte with lingonberry flavour. In Växjö, beautiful nature is always just around the corner; the city is surrounded by lakes and forests. Students like the combination of the city centre and the active student life on campus. Your dream of the future starts here!