Video production 2

7.5 credits

Videos are used commonly in communication for companies, and institutions. With the omnipresence of social media, everyone want a presentation video. Creating a professional quality video requires planning, filming, editing, and distributing. Moreover, the field of video production is evolving constantly and new technologies are becoming available to the public, such as 360° cameras.

In this course, students will be introduced to every part of video production:

Planning - using storyboard, script, and synopsis

Filming - using cameras, microphones, and lights

Editing - with softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

Distributing - with Livestream and video streaming platform

In addition to that, students will be introduce to 360° video production and create a project using this technology.

Students will work in groups to create video content in associations with local companies and/or institutions.

This course collaboration with SVT and students will have the opportunity to use a TV studio at the end of the course to create a TV show as well as performing a livestream in the lab provided by the university.

Examples of student projects

The film is made by Jesper Bonnevier, Andrea Hermansson, Viktor Karlsson and Hanna Karlsson.


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