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A Linnaeus University project for Ukrainian immigrants with support for start-ups, business innovation and entrepreneurs. The project is funded by ESF, European Social Found.

Project information

Project manager
Jan Aidemark
Other project members
Per Servais, Berit Lindh, Anna Gustavsson, Hans Allmer
Participating organizations
Linnaeus University
ESF, European Social Found
Feb 2023 – Sep 2023
Informatics (Faculty of technology) and Marketing (School of Business and Economics)
More information from the ESF, European Social Found (in Swedish)

Join in for lectures, mentoring, coaching, business development, networking, company contacts and more.
The digi-preneur – business development with a digital focus

About the project

The CARE for digit-preneurs project will provide opportunities for a selected group of immigrants from Ukraine (UA) to develop their abilities for entrepreneurial action and in this way approach the Swedish working life.

The participants in the project must be given opportunities to utilize and develop their knowledge, and be given support to develop business ideas that are relevant to a Swedish business community. This with a particular focus on trade or other business activities between Ukraine and Sweden. Based on theories and methods from the field of international business and digital transformations, a training package will be developed and offered to a selected group of participants from Ukraine.


If you have skills, experience or personal interests that you would like to develop into a start-up, please sign up for the project. Project language is English.

Apply to the project by filling out the form below. You will then take part in the selection process. Max 40 positions available. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can read about the "GDPR – Information sharing agreement" below, under the heading "More about the project".

GDPR consent

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Conditions for processing personal data at Linnaeus University.

More about the project

  • What: Take part in business modelling, start-up coaching, lectures and presentations on Sweden-Ukraine business development, networking, pitching of start-ups.
  • When: Starting now – to be concluded in September, 2023.
  • Where: With video conference and on-site at campus Kalmar or Växjö.
  • How: Combination of individual mentoring and group meetings, and a concluding
  • For whom: Ukrainian persons included by the ”EU:s massflyktsdirektiv”.
  • Linnaeus University is organising the project, but will involve a number of partners for the best experience.


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