Students on campus.

Welcome to Linnaeus University!

Linnaeus University has a long tradition of welcoming students from all over the world to study at both undergraduate and graduate level.

Checklist for new students

Here we have listed the most important information you need as a new student at Linnaeus University.

Guide for international students

Our Guide for International Students contains a lot of important and valuable information. Make sure to download it and read it through.
Guide for international students

Obtaining a student account
As a student admitted to Linnaeus University you will need a student account to be able to log in to; register your participation on courses and programmes; log in to computers; and access course materials, email, and other IT services at Linnaeus University. If you have been admitted, you can obtain your student account provisionally a couple of weeks before you start.
Obtain a student account

You must be registered for the programme/course you are about to start. You register on When you log in with your student account you will be able to see your personal registration period.

Course/programme start and information from your course coordinator
In most cases, attendance at the course/programme introduction is mandatory in order to be accepted as a student at Linnaeus University. If you are ill or have some other reason for absence, you must inform your school/department about this prior to the obligatory meeting, otherwise your place will go to someone else.

You will find course/programme start and information from your course coordinator on your degree programme's website. Please note that information from your course coordinator is not available for all courses and programmes.

A word from the Rector

Practical information

In order to see your personal timetable you need to log in to, after that your timetable will be presented directly. If you are not able to see your timetable when you are logged in you can search it out.
Log in to
Search timetable manually in TimeEdit

Swipe Card
You will need a student swipe card in order to be able to gain access to computer facilities and to enter the university buildings during evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Printing, copying ang scanning
To be able to print, copy, and scan at Linnaeus University, you need to have a PayEx account linked to your student account.
Note! When registering your PayEx account, you must select the currency SEK, even if you state another nationality than Swedish.

App for Android och iPhone
By using our app you can get notifications in your cell phone, as a complement to the student web. The app will also help you find your way around our facilities, and if you wish to get in touch with a member of staff it is easy to perform a search in the app.