Accommodation Application fee-paying students - Waiting list

The deadline has now passed. If you need assistance in housing then you are welcome to apply for our waiting list. 

NOTE: This application is only for our waiting list. It does not guarantee you for housing. Please make sure to look for accomodation by yourself. See information below regarding how to find accomodation on your own. Students on the waitinglist will be informed after the semester has started if we will be able to give you an offer for housing. 

Available accommodation
The available accommodation formats are dorm rooms. The rent is approximately SEK 3,500 per month. You will not be allowed to share these rooms with someone else.

We have a few apartments for students traveling here with family/partner, the apartments are distributed on a first come first served basis and you should therefore make your application and pay the tuition fee as soon as possible. We will prioritize families with children. The rent for the apartments in Växjö are approximately SEK 12300-16000 per month and the rent for the apartment in Kalmar is approximately SEK 5500-7500. Please fill in that you are coming here with your family or partner in the application form. You can also look for accommodation yourself, the best alternative is to contact the Student Union (called Linnéstudenterna) and to read the information about how to find accommodation on their website, for Växjö press here, for Kalmar press here.

Students who are going to study in Ljungby do not have to apply for accommodation through this form, more information will be sent to you around May 10th.

Rooms are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that students who submit their complete accommodation application and pay their tuition fees at an early stage will be assigned accommodation first.

On request from both Swedish and international students, we strive to mix students as much as possible. This means that nationality, gender and age are taken into consideration when distributing rooms.

The university does not own any accommodation, instead the housing companies Växjöbostäder/Kalmarhem or other housing companies will provide us with dorm rooms for the students who have followed the instructions and applied before deadline.

Since it is hard to find accommodation in Växjö and Kalmar we recommend that you, if you are eligible, sign up for accommodation provided by us.

If you are planning to stay longer than two semesters we recommend that you sign up on the different websites today to start collecting points. The more points you have the easier it will be for you to find somewhere to live after the two semesters are up. For students studying in Växjö, sign up on, for students studying in Kalmar sign up on You can read more on the Student Union website, see the links above. You are also welcome to contact Linnéstudenterna by phone, 00 46 10-3303009 or email,

By requesting help with accommodation you certify that if you cancel your studies at Linnaeus University later than four (4) weeks prior to the official start of the semester, you are still required to pay three (3) months’ rent provided that you have signed the rental agreement.

Please remember that you cannot get accommodation from Linnaeus University if you do not pay your tuition fees within the deadline, May 15th.


If you have any questions please contact