Students arriving

Arrival Form For International Students

The arrival form needs to be submitted if you need the pick up-service provided by Linnaeus University in January, 2017.

You have to fill out your personal information:

  • Personal Code No (found in your Notification of Selection Results document on University Admissions)
  • last name
  • first name
  • email

Please note your last name, first name and email have to be filled out exactly as it is on University Admissions. When filling out the Personal Code No do not user a hyphen/dash character (-).

You then need to choose what campus you will arrive at. Please note that the pick up-service is only available if you arrive on January 13. Time (HH:MM) and pick up-place also need to be filled out. Students may be picked up at the train station/bus station, the airport or a hotel (in Kalmar/Växjö only). If you travel by car pick up-service will not be offered.

Students arriving in Kalmar need to arrive between 09:00 - 15:30. Students arriving in Växjö need to arrive between 08:00 and midnight.

It is encouraged that you provide us with your phone number (if you have one) so that we can - if needed - reach you on your day of arrival. 

During the orientation on January 14 (Kalmar) and January 14-15 (Växjö) lunch will be served, we therefor need to know if you have any specific food allergies or food preferences.

If you have already submitted the arrival form you may update your information by submitting the form again in its entirety.