Applied Visual Analytics

In a data-driven world, it is important to be able to analyze large amounts of data to identify patterns of interest and test hypotheses about them. Visual Analytics provides us with an interactive process of analytical reasoning facilitated by data visualization, combining the strengths of humans and computers in order to derive insight from massive, dynamic, ambiguous, and often conflicting data.

In this course we will introduce basic concepts of data visualization, how to apply them to build interactive interfaces for data sets of different types, and which tools are useful in this process.

Target group

This course is for experienced developers working in the industry with an interest in data analysis and visualization.


  • Foundations of perception and design that are important for creating new visualizations.
  • Comparison between different types of visualization that work better for different types of data.
  • Integration of multiple individual visualizations into interactive dashboards.
  • Overview of the exploratory visual analysis process that incorporates all the above into a unified pipeline.
  • Practical applications using interactive visualization libraries.

The goal for the course is that the participants should be able to:

  • Critically and independently search, analyze and summarize relevant research results in visualization.
  • Efficiently integrate different visualizations into interactive dashboards, with the goal of exploring complex datasets from different perspectives simultaneously.
  • Design and develop visual analytics systems for the analysis of large and complex datasets, including the entire chain from raw data to insights.

For more detailed information about the course see the syllabus: https://kursplan.lnu.se/kursplaner/kursplan-4DV118-1.pdf 

This course is developed within the project Smart Industry phase 2 and funded by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen).

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