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AI for Managers

The purpose of the course “Artificial Intelligence for Managers” is to give managers and decision makers a principle understanding of AI and to increase their understanding of opportunities, difficulties, benefits, and risks connected to AI. It is neither an “Introduction to AI” nor an “AI for dummies” course. Instead, it is set to demystify AI and to transform it into an actionable tool for manages and decision makers.

Target group

This course is for product managers, project managers, executives, and engineering managers in organizations that have already made, or are about to make, the transition to working with AI.


The course is organized in three modules. The initial module will focus an introduction to AI, giving an understanding of what type of cases can be addressed with AI and what managers need to know about AI technology. Module two will cover tools and concrete on how to set up an AI strategy and roadmap, how to get started on AI projects, how to integrate AI and IT development, how to (self) evaluate AI in use, and, not to forget, the ethical and legal aspects of AI. The third module will give the participants the chance to use their new knowledge and tools and work with their own practical cases and how they could be addressed using AI.

The goal of the course is to empower the participants to: 

  • Describe the principal concept of AI, its strengths, and shortcomings
  • Understand opportunities, myths, and pitfalls of AI
  • Identify problem areas in industry, society, and in management where AI could be utilized
  • Analyze how AI can be applied in a particular problem area
  • Manage an AI strategy and get started: implement a strategy and a roadmap to apply AI in a particular problem area
  • Understand how to integrate AI with IT development
  • Assess the maturity of AI utilization in an organization
  • Reflect on applications of AI from an ethical and legal perspective as well as the future challenges (technical, organizational, social, etc.)

The course is given in collaboration with Örebro University through Jennifer Renoux who is a researcher in Artificial Intelligence at the Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS). Jennifer gives a lecturer about ethical, legal and social implications of AI.

This course is developed within the project Smart Industry phase 2 and funded by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen).

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