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Fantastic Fiction and Where to Find It

We welcome you to our MOOC in fantastic fiction. The genre of fantasy literature is growing; not only through different texts but also as a result of the fact that discussions on literature containing fantasy elements are becoming more common.

What characterises fantasy literature and what can it tell us about our world? How can we understand the genre and how can we read the texts with a critical mind?

The course deals with different aspects of fantasy literature: historical fantasy, children's fantasy, feminist fantasy and dark fantasy. The course does not only aim to offer a thorough introduction to fantasy literature but also to present different aspects of the genre to show the diversity of the genre, while at the same time presenting tools for how to read the texts with a critical mind. Each module will focus on a theme that is presented and discussed through recorded lectures.

Does this sound interesting?

The course starts on March 26. Visit our Facebook page to read more about the course.

Maria is one of the creators of Fantastic fiction and where to find it.

She thinks that the main reason for studying a MOOC is to learn something new while also having fun. She is much looking forward to the publishing of their MOOC this autumn so that they can get started.