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Practical study information.

Registration, course/programme start, syllabi and timetables


You must be registered for the programme/course which you are studying on. As a rule, the registration period starts a week before the start of the course. Log in to in order to register.

Course and programme introductions

In most cases, attendance is mandatory at the course/programme introduction and a requirement in order to be accepted as a student at Linnaeus University. If you are ill or have some other reason for absence, you must inform your faculty about this prior to the mandatory meeting.


The syllabus describes what your course/programme looks like and what it contains. You will also find information on course literature.


In order to see your personal timetable you need to log in to, after that your timetable will be presented directly. If you are not able to see your timetable when you are logged in you can search for it.

Log in to
Course and programme introductions
Search syllabi
Search timetable manually in TimeEdit

Credit transfers

Who can apply for a credit transfer?

In order to be entitled to apply for  a credit transfer, you must be admitted to and pursue studies at Linnaeus University.

For what can I be granted a credit transfer?

As a student, you are entitled to credit transfers of completed studies for which you have received the grade pass at a Swedish higher education institution or at a higher education institution abroad. You may also be granted a credit transfer for knowledge and skills acquired through vocational experience.

What should I do if I want to have a credit transfer for a programme?

You can apply for a credit transfer only once you have started your studies at Linnaeus University; that is to say, once you have received your admission notification, accepted your place and registered. Applications for credit transfer are filled-in using this form. What is to be included in the application and what documents are to be attached is stated in the form.

Where do I hand in my application for a credit transfer?

Your application should be sent to alternatively to Registrator, Linnéuniversitetet, 351 95 Växjö. Mark the envelope "Credit transfer".

How is my application handled and when do I get the decision?

Your application will be assessed by the faculty/department in question. Normally, the turnaround time is not more than one month. When a decision has been made, a copy of the decision will be sent to you by email or mail.

How are granted credit transfers documented?

All granted credit transfers are registered in Ladok. In some cases, a credit transfer is not registered until the remaining parts of a course/sub-course have been completed.

Can I appeal a decision about credit transfer?

In case your application for a credit transfer is rejected, you can appeal the decision to The Higher Education Appeals Board. Information on how to do this will be provided in connection to the decision.

More information concerning credit transfers and how these are handled at Linnaeus University can be found in the local regulations.

Application form credit transfers

Local regulations for credit transfers at first- and second-cycle levels at Linnaeus University (Link soon to be published)

Contact us

Administrators credit transfers

Hampus Delborn
Phone: +46480-44 60 54
Placement city: Kalmar
Responsible for:
The faculty of technology
The faculty of social sciences
The faculty of health and life sciences
The faculty of arts and humanities
The school of business and economics

Vivian Lakaw
Phone: +46480-70 88 72
Placement city: Växjö
Responsible for:
Teacher education

Use our app for Andriod och iPhone

By using our app you can get notifications in your cell phone, as a complement to the student web. The app will also help you find your way around our facilities, and if you wish to get in touch with a member of staff it is easy to perform a search in the app.

Functions on the student web and in the app

In addition to getting access to your personal timetable when logging in, you will also get a push notification in your cell phone, and a notification on, for example when: You have a book to pick up at the library, You need to register on a course to which you have been admitted, There has been a change to your timetable, A teacher has written a message in the news forum of your course.

On the student web you will also see a list containing links to the courses that you are studying at the moment, as well as the courses that you have studied. The links will take you to each course's respective course room in MyMoodle.

IT services, passwords, swipe cards and PayEx accounts

IT services and support

With your student account you have access to, for instance, email, file storage, printing/copying and network (Internet).

Change password

If you have forgotten your password to your student account or need to change your password.

Swipe cards

You will need a student swipe card in order to be able to gain access to computer facilities at the university and to enter university buildings during evenings, weekends, and holidays.

PayEx account for printing and copying

In order to be able to print, copy, and scan at the university you will need a PayEx account that is connected to your student account.

IT services and support
Forgotten password
Change password
Swipe cards - hittar ingen info om dessa
Create a PayEx account and connect it to your student account

Register for your examination

You must register for the examination by Tuesday the week prior to the examination at the latest. NOTE! You can not make any late entries to examinations. You are not allowed to enter the examination room unless you are registered.

When you register for an examination through the system, you will receive a confirmation of your registration. It is not possible to sign up for an examination via your cell phone. You must sign up through the web, where you will also get a confirmation.

If you receive no confirmation, please contact your department promptly. On Wednesday the week prior to the examination, you will receive an email stating in what room the examination will take place.

The university tests a new anonymous examination system. Anonymous examination means the students receive a number or a code to enter on their exam instead of their name and personal number as before. Only certain students and examinations are included in this round of tests.

Register for your examination

Degree project template

Registrer and publish your essay

All essays and theses by students at Linnaeus University should be published in DiVA.

Publish your essay in DiVA

Do you need to contact the university?

Problems regarding your studies? Please, do not hestitate to contact your faculty.

Contact your faculty