The student union at Linnaeus University

The student union, Linnéstudenterna, works to make sure that your education will be as good as possible and to make sure that you will also have a really good time on the side of your studies.

As a student at Linnaeus University you can look forward to a study period filled with student commitment and a sense of community. The student union, Linnéstudenterna, is a non-profit organisation who works to ensure that your education will be of high quality and that students can influence their studies. The students' voices should always be included when important decisions are taken. Do not hesitate to contact Linnéstudenterna if you feel unhappy with your studies or mistreated in any way.

Linnéstudenterna are also working to make sure that you will have a really good time on the side of your studies. Activities are often organised by the other student education associations, which are related to the programme you are studying.

As a member of Linnéstudenterna students get access to the student union nightlife - Slottsstallarna and Sivans in Växjö, and Cårhuset in the centre of Kalmar.

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The student union is there for you!

Victor Lagercrantz, chairman of the student union Linnéstudenterna, got a degree in political science at Linnaeus University before he took office as elected chairman of the student union.

Victor Lagercrantz

Interview with the chairman of the student union

What will be your focus during your time as chairman of Linnéstudenterna?
We in the student union at Linnaeus University want to work together with you to create an active student life and to make sure that you feel safe and at home in your new environment. Linnéstudenterna also works to guarantee that you get a rewarding and high-quality education. The student union Linnéstudenterna is there for you, also during the hard times! If you are experiencing difficulties you can always turn to us for help. If we are not able to offer you the help you need, we will still do our very best to help you by making use of the broad collaborations we have within the Linnaeus region. Our commission also includes being present as student representatives at various meetings within the university.

This academic year, we will focus on questions concerning, for instance, the accommodation situation in Växjö and Kalmar, an active student life and the student-city collaboration. Being the chairman of the student union, I also work with the internal structure and the organising of the board's work. Linnéstudenterna is also involved in national collaborations like, for instance, The Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) – where we discuss questions of relevance for student life in general.

What is the role of the student associations?
The programme associations' primary task is to monitor the educations at their respective departments. In addition to this, the associations are also important for an active student life as they arrange member activities like, for instance, parties, trips and lectures. Today, there are about 70 student associations at Linnaeus University, among these there are both programme associations and interest associations. These associations can vary between everything from sports associations and student radio channels to university nations, etc. At the student union Linnéstudenterna, we collaborate with the student associations and support them in every way we can in order to make sure that all students at Linnaeus University can have an active student life.

How many members do you have?
Today, Linnéstudenterna has roughly 6,500 members. As a member, you get access to national and local student discounts. We also arrange member activities in both Kalmar and Växjö, for instance bowling, and member coffee gatherings each Thursday. Every holiday we celebrate a little bit extra, for instance at the Swedish Fettisdagen and the Waffle Day. As a member of Linnéstudenterna, you also gain access to the student pubs – Sivans and Slottsstallarna in Växjö – and a reduced entry fee for our student union evenings in Kalmar. We wish you a warm welcome, the more the merrier!

Student union card – Studentkortet

As a member of Linnéstudenterna, you get the student card Studentkortet – the card serves both as an ID / membership card and as a discount card exclusively for students.

Studentkortet is designed to simplify and improve for students. Each semester, you can save money by using Studentkortet discounts on

If you have any questions about your membership in the student union, you are welcome to contact Linnéstudenterna. Questions regarding Studentkortet offers, please contact the Studentkortet Customer Service.