Students writing

To take an examination at Linnaeus University

We are very happy to have you as a student at our university and our ambition is to offer you examination sittings that live up to a high standard. Please read the information below regarding what regulations apply when you are taking an examination.

You must register for the examination sitting on the Tuesday the week before the examination at the latest. Late registrations are not accepted. If you are using a wireless connection, we cannot guarantee that your registration is recorded correctly. Use a computer with a fixed line. Always make sure that you have received an email confirming your registration. If you do not receive a confirmation, your registration has not been recorded and you must contact the examination unit straight away. In order to be able to register for an examination you must be registered on the course. Please note that following your registration it may take up to 30 minutes before you can see the examination sitting for which you have registered. If you cannot find the examination you are looking for in the examination system, please contact your department.

Examination registration

Examination schedule

Anonymous examinations

As from the spring term 2017, written examinations at Linnaeus University are anonymous. This means that your examination is marked anonymously by your teacher/examiner and the results are then registered in Ladok like before. You receive the code you use at the examination sitting when you register for the exam in the central registration system. A confirmation on your registration and your personal code are sent to your student email. You then bring the code with you to the examination sitting and write the code on your examination sheets instead of your name and personal identity number.

Examination regulations

Approval of examination regulations at Linnaeus University
I approve the examination regulations at Linnaeus University and pledge to stay informed about and to follow these regulations. Through my approval, I confirm that I today have taken part of the regulations and that I accept them.

1. You have to register for the examination yourself.
2. Registration is always done through the examination system.
3. Late registrations are not accepted at Linnaeus University.
4. All registrations for examinations that are to take place during the upcoming week must have been done by 11.59 pm on Tuesday of the week before the week of the examination.
5. Exceptions regarding registration for examination sittings
a) Retake/examination in August, registration by Tuesday the week of Midsummer at the latest.
b) Retake/examination that takes place January 2–14, registration on Tuesday the week before the week of Christmas, if Christmas Eve is on a Monday–Thursday. If Christmas Eve is on a Friday–Sunday, registration by Tuesday that same week.
6. Try to register well in advance, that way we will be able to help you if you are experiencing any problems. If you are using a wireless connection when registering, we cannot guarantee that your registration is correctly registered.
7. As soon as you have completed your registration for an examination sitting you will receive a summary of your registration.
8. You must be registered on the course for which you want to register for an examination. Please note that following your registration, it may take up to 30 minutes before you can see your examination sitting.
9. On Wednesday the week before your examination sitting, you will receive an email with information on where (in what room) your examination will take place. Keep in mind that your group may be split and your fellow students may be placed in a different room.
10. When registering, also make sure that you register for the examination in the right city, since some examination sittings are offered in more than one city.
11. You accept the place and time for your examination. You will automatically be unregistered in the city in which you do not want to take the examination.
12. If you do not receive a confirmation on your registration, get in touch with your department as soon as possible.

Anonymisation code
1. You will receive your anonymization code in the email with your details for the examination.
2. When you take an examination with an anonymisation code, you can always see your code on the registration page for the examination and when you log in to your student email.

The examination sitting
1. Arrive well in advance since the ID check is carried out outside the examination room, before the stated time.
2. The identification papers/identity card you bring must be approved and must not be expired. The invigilator will show you to your seat.
3. No bags, jackets or other equipment besides the stated aids may be placed on or near the desk.
4. If you have brought your mobile phone it should be switched off/tucked away during the examination.
5. The examination will start at the stated time and then the door will be shut. No one is allowed to leave the room until 50 minutes after the start of the examination.
6. After 45 minutes there will be another admission of people who are registered on the list of participants.
7. If you have not registered, you can be offered a seat after 45 minutes, as far as space allows. Contact the invigilator at the examination sitting concerning a potential seat.
8. If you have not registered but are offered a seat after 45 minutes, you will still have the same finishing time as the other examinees.
9. There should be peace and quiet in the examination room, conversations are not allowed.
10. You may not borrow material/aids from another examinee, contact the invigilator in case you need help.
11. You are to fill in the course and test code as well as your anonymisation code on the cover sheet and all loose sheets. This information is to be written in pen.
12. It is allowed to bring something to eat and drink during the examination.
13. There will be no (smoking) breaks.
14. In case you want to visit the toilet, you write your anonymisation code on the intended list.

When you are done
1. When you leave the examination sitting, you hand in your exam and any scribbled notes and loose sheets you may have used to the invigilator.
2. Together with the invigilator, you then count how many documents you have handed in.
3. You sign the list of participants confirming that you have handed in your exam.
4. Once you have handed in your examination sheets and left the room you will not be allowed to reenter to continue taking the examination.
5. You are not allowed to bring any material with you when you leave the examination room.
6. Show respect and leave the room quietly!

1. All forms of cheating, for instance, crib sheets, use of mobile phone, conversation with another examinee, unallowed means of assistance, etc. will be reported as cheating.
2. Keep in mind the consequences of cheating. Cheating will result in a report to the disciplinary board, which may result in suspension from both teaching and examination.

Examinee from other higher education institution

If you come from another higher education institution and wish to take your examination at Linnaeus University (Lnu), you must send in a request for a seat at an examination. Fill in "Request to sit an examination at Linnaeus University". Later on, once you have received a decision on seat at examination at Lnu, you/your administrator must fill in the form "Examination information to Linnaeus University". You are responsible for making sure that you know in what room the examination is to take place. Linnaeus University's examination regulations apply for everyone who takes an examination at Linnaeus University. You approve these when filling in "Request to sit an examination at Linnaeus University". Examination sheets are sent in PDF format to

Request to sit an examination at Linnaeus University

Examination information to Linnaeus University