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Accepted exchange students


Accommodation in Växjö

Linnaeus University arranges accommodation for all incoming exchange students from outside of Europe, provided that they submit their online application within the stated deadline.

Rooms and apartments are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. By requesting help from Linnaeus University in arranging housing, the students certify that if they cancel their studies later than four weeks prior to the arrival, they are still required to pay three months' rent.

The number of applicants to Linnaeus University has increased significantly and we are under more pressure than ever regarding housing. We can therefore no longer arrange housing for incoming Erasmus students and students from the Nordic countries to Campus Växjö.

All incoming Erasmus students and students from the Nordic countries applying to Campus Växjö, must look for housing on their own. Information on how to apply for housing and contact details to the housing companies can be found at Linnéstudenternas housing section. More information on how to apply for housing will be sent to the students after they have been formally nominated by their home university.

Insure your dorm room and your belongings

You should purchase insurance prior to arriving in Sweden, covering your dorm room and its content against theft and damage.

Internet connection

The majority of dorm rooms and apartments have an Internet connection and there is always the possibility of using the university computer labs or your own laptop on campus.

Accommodation in Kalmar

All exchange students are guaranteed accommodation in Kalmar, provided that the online application is completed and submitted prior to the relevant deadline.

Insure your dorm room and your belongings

You should purchase insurance prior to arriving in Sweden, as well as insurance covering your dorm room and its content.


When you sign the lease for your room, you will also receive the rent invoice. The invoice must be paid as soon as possible.

Vacating your accommodation and inspection

When you move out, your dorm room should be clean. All rooms are inspected and you will be charged for any extra cleaning or any repairs required.

Where is my accommodation located?

The majority of exchange students are housed centrally in Kalmar. The university will easily be reached by foot, bike or bus.

Internet connection

Computers with internet access can be found both in the library or at your school. Internet access is available in all dorm rooms for a monthly fee of SEK 130. This fee is added to your rent invoice, and has to be paid whether you use the internet service or not. Wireless internet is not provided, meaning you need a cable to access the internet. This can be bought at any electronic store in Sweden or brought with you from home. To activate your internet account, contact the internet provider once you have moved into your dorm room.

Accommodation in Hultsfred

(Music Management students)
Your rent depends on the size of your room. Rent is paid one month in advance. A SEK 1,000 deposit, which is payable when you pick up your keys, is required. All students in Hultsfred have their own rooms.

Pick-up service and orientation days

For more information regarding pick-up service and orientation days, please click here.

Preparing for your stay

What to bring

Bedding and kitchenware

You are expected to provide your own bedlinen, towels and kitchenware.


You might want to bring your own laptop as the majority of dorm rooms and apartments have a direct Internet connection. You will need a network adapter/card of Ethernet standard 10 MB and a TP cable of Category 5. If you don't have a computer or prefer not to bring one, you can of course use the computer facilities at the university.

Sending packages

You may wish to send personal belongings before departure.

Packages should be addressed as follows:
Kalmar: Linnaeus University, Your name, c/o International Office, Office of Student Affairs, SE-391 82 Kalmar

Växjö: Linnaeus University, Your name, c/o International Office, Office of Student Affairs, SE-351 95 Växjö

You will pick up the package from the International Office, Office of Student Affairs when you arrive at Linnaeus University. After arrival, please have all mail and packages sent to your Swedish address.

Pre-arrival check list

Carefully go through the following list before you leave for Kalmar and Växjö:

  • Familiarize yourself with the information about Sweden and Linnaeus University
  • Inform the International Office, Office of Student Affairs and buddy about your arrival date and time
  • Purchase complete insurance cover (bring proof of your insurance cover and/or European Health Insurance Card)


  • Valid passport - this must be valid for at least the duration of your stay in Sweden plus one extra month (rules may vary from country to country).
  • Letter of acceptance from Linnaeus University and other necessary documents.
  • Swedish cash for immediate use upon arrival (for trains and taxi). It is also possible to exchange money at Copenhagen Airport, Stockholm Airport and the train stations in Malmö and Stockholm.
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Clothes - appropriate for warm, cold, wet and windy weather.
  • Adaptor for electrical appliances and possibly cable for Internet. The current in Sweden is 220 volts.

For more practical information to help you prepare for your time at Linnaeus University and your stay in Sweden, please click here.

Travel to Linnaeus University

From Copenhagen

The best way to travel to Kalmar and Växjö is to fly into Copenhagen Airport. There are direct trains between the airport and both Kalmar and Växjö train stations. The train leaves every hour or every second hour. The direct train from Copenhagen takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes to Växjö and 3 hours 30 minutes to Kalmar. You can buy your train ticket at the airport. If you think you are eligible for a discounted fare, you should ask when buying your ticket.
For train timetables, visit

From Stockholm

By air: several daily flights on weekdays, less frequent on
weekends. The flight time is approximately one hour to both cities. Direct flights to both Kalmar and Växjö depart from either Arlanda or Bromma airports.
Please see, or

By train

There is a train station at Arlanda airport; take the Arlanda Express train to Stockholm central station and continue with a regular train from there to Kalmar or Växjö. The train from Stockholm takes approximately 3 hours 30 minutes to Växjö and 4 hours 30 minutes to Kalmar. For train timetables, visit

By bus

Travelling by bus is usually the cheapest way of travelling within Sweden. If you want to travel by bus, visit the following websites to find appropriate destinations and timetables. - long distance - long distance - long distance - Kalmar to Hultsfred and immediate Kalmar area – local Växjö