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Do you want to learn more, specialise yourself, or develop your skills further? Studying a master degree is a way to take your skills to another level. Advanced knowledge is attractive to prospective employers and can lead to a possible career as a researcher.

Studying at Masters level

In order to meet the general entry requirements for master’s level studies, a bachelor’s degree is normally required. However, in order to take a master’s level single-subject course, it can sometimes be enough to have studied 90 credits within the same field of subject as the course in question. In addition, there are often specific entry requirements for the different programmes or courses. See each course’s or programme’s requirements of prior knowledge for correct entry requirements.


Programmes at master’s level lead to either a 1-year master’s degree (60 credits) or a 2-year master’s degree (120 credits). Some programmes lead to a professional qualification. It is also possible to put together your own degree at master’s level based on single-subject courses. Some degrees also make you qualified to apply to Phd studies.

English language requirements

In order to be eligible for university studies in Sweden, student must demonstrate that they meet the English requirements for the course or programme they wish to apply for. For information about what level of English requirements (IELTS, TOEFL, CEFR* etc.) is needed to meet the requirements of English 5 and English 6, visit


Applications for courses and programmes at master’s level should be made through Make sure to check the final application date for the courses/programmes in which you are interested.

The online application should be submitted no later than January 15 for students commencing their studies in the autumn semester and August 15 for students commencing their studies in the spring semester. There is an application fee of SEK 900 for each semester you apply. 

Tuition fees

Students with citizenship not within the EU/EEA, or Switzerland, are required to pay application and tuition fees for university studies in Sweden. The tuition fees at Linnaeus University are divided into categories, in the range between SEK 85,000-260,000 per academic year. Course fees are determined on an annual basis but will apply to the whole programme studies.

Why should I study a 1-year or 2-year master’s programme?

“It sounds smart to study a 1-year or 2-year master’s programme, but why should I do it? Will it make it easier for me to get a job?” Emma Krig student counsellor, answers frequently asked questions about 1-year and 2-year master’s programmes.

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