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Linnaeus University offers a great selection of courses at both Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Courses are offered at full-time and part-time pace, both on campus and in distance learning format.

All programmes at the university consist of single-subject courses. The scope of a course is measured in credits and normally vary between 7.5 credits and 30 credits. Full-time studies equal 30 credits per semester and 60 credits per full academic year. Courses are offered both full- and part-time, on campus as well as in distance learning format and they are divided into Bachelor’s level and Master’s level.

Studying single-subject courses is a flexible way of studying and can also be a good way to try out university studies if you are new as a student. By taking single-subject courses you can build your own degree by combining courses to get a tailor-made education. In order to obtain a degree, half of your completed courses must be credits within one and the same main field of study, including specialisation and an independent degree project. As opposed to programmes, you must apply to courses each semester. 

Bachelor’s level courses

Most students start studying single-subject courses at Bachelor’s level after completing their upper secondary school studies and these courses normally comprise the basic courses and continuation courses within the first 90 credits of a subject. 

Our courses at Bachelor’s level.

Master’s level courses

Once you have obtained a Bachelor’s degree you have the opportunity to take Master’s level courses. In some cases, it may also be possible to take Master’s courses when you have completed 90–120 credits within one subject.

Our courses at Master’s level.

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Distance learning courses

We offer a great and varied selection of courses that can be studied in distance learning format. Some distance learning courses have compulsory get-togethers, but not all.

Our distance learning courses.

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PhD studies

After completing your studies for a master’s degree, you have the possibility to continue your studies at PhD level. High-quality PhD courses and programmes are offered at Linnaeus University, with specialisation on health, social work and behavioural sciences, the humanities and social sciences, business, economics and design, and the natural sciences and technology. PhD studies are offered at all faculties at Linnaeus University and lead to either a licentiate degree or a doctoral degree.

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