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Linnaeus University offers a great selection of programmes within many different areas of interest. We offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.

A programme is a ready-made package of courses that leads to a degree. Part of a programme can consist of eligible courses, which means that you can choose to profile yourself according to your interest. On a programme, you most often study together with the same fellow course mates for most of your studies. When studying a programme, you also often have the opportunity to study abroad for some period and to do an internship. The study pace and teaching hours for programmes are most often full-time during day time, but there are also programmes that are offered as part-time or distance learning.

Programmes are divided into first-cycle programmes, also referred to as Bachelor’s programmes, and second-cycle programmes, also referred to as Master’s programmes.

Bachelor’s programmes

Bachelor’s programmes are also called first-cycle programmes and leads to a higher education diploma, Bachelor’s degree, or a higher vocational education diploma. Studies on Bachelor’s level is normally initiated after completion of upper secondary school studies. Bachelor’s programmes are often three-year programmes, 180 credits, but there are also shorter and longer programmes.

Our Bachelor’s programmes.

Master’s programmes

After having obtained a Bachelor’s degree, you have the opportunity to apply for a Master’s programme. 1-year Master’s programmes are also referred to as one-year second-cycle programmes and 2-year Master’s programmes are also referred to as two-year second-cycle programmes. In addition, there are higher vocational education programmes at Master’s level. We offer a great and varied selection of Master’s programmes.

Our Master’s programmes.

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Distance learning programmes

We offer a number of programmes in distance learning format. Some distance learning programmes have compulsory get-togethers, but not all.

Our distance learning programmes.

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Areas of interest

In order to make it easier for you to find the programmes that you might be interested in, we have chosen to present the programmes according to area of interest.

PhD studies

After completing your studies for a master’s degree, you have the possibility to continue your studies at PhD level. High-quality PhD courses and programmes are offered at Linnaeus University, with specialisation on health, social work and behavioural sciences, the humanities and social sciences, business, economics and design, and the natural sciences and technology. PhD studies are offered at all faculties at Linnaeus University and lead to either a licentiate degree or a doctoral degree.

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