Business and Economics

Do you want to establish and develop profitable businesses, lead organisations, market a trademark or come up with innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow? With a degree in business and economics all of society is your potential labour market, nationally as well as internationally.

Business, economics and organisation is the basis. Trademarks are not created out of nothing. Concepts are not developed out of thin air. How can a company generate sales in relation to management accounting, supply chains, purchase and contractor strategies? In what way are established financial systems challenged?

It's about supply and demand. Product development and returns. Profitability. Marketing. Understanding the customer. Understanding people. What are our driving forces? How do we find motivation? Commitment?

The global market is the playing field. New places, different people, other cultures. The world is my workplace. I have what it takes. The challenge lies with me. Anything is possible.

Programmes at Master's level