Two students talking a walk

Caring Sciences, Sports and Health

Are you interested in body and health? Do you want to work with questions dealing with the situation of human beings in our modern society? After having studied an education within caring sciences, sports and health, you will be equipped to focus on human beings and to work with, for instance, health-promoting efforts, care and social support.

Always with strong commitment. Always with a holistic perspective on fellow human beings. In life just the way it is. Without blinkers. Without filter. With both feet on the ground. Always. In complete confidence. In total safety.

Health care and medical care. Intensive care, primary health care, institutional care. Cell biology, chemistry, microbiology. Ethics. Tests. Analyses. Effects.

The role of sports in society, in different cultures. Leadership and group development. Anatomy. Physiology. Lifestyle. Outdoor life. Life.

I have passion for life. I have passion for human beings. This is my life. Now, anything is possible.