Lecturer and student interacting

Computer Science/IT

Do you want to take part in creating the services, products and entertainment of the future? Skills within computer science/IT are needed and used in all lines of business. An education within computer science/IT will open the door to a large number of interesting professions and tasks.

It's the big picture and the smallest parts. The incomprehensible and the obvious. Behind it all are the numbers, the calculations, the probabilities. And the improbabilities.

Infinite possibilities, yet the basics remain the same. It's mathematics. Systems. Multiple variable analysis, mathematical optimisation, complex software systems. Methods. Operating systems, databases, calculation models. Theory of relativity. Cosmology.

What is usability? A digital infrastructure? Wireless communication? Graphic visualisation? What boundaries between man and technology is yet to be overcome? How will interfaces function in the future?

Software and hardware. For all mankind. For the present and the future. When context and interplay become even more important. As the development keeps accelerating. As man and technology move forward, I want to be part of the journey. Feel the speed.