Computer Science/IT

Do you want to take part in the development of future services, products, and entertainment? Are you interested in the interplay between technology, human, and society? Skills within Computer/IT are in demand and used in all lines of business.

Studying an IT programme opens the door to many interesting professions and assignments, in Sweden as well as internationally.

Career opportunities

You will be able to work as, for instance, web developer, systems architect, product owner, or interaction designer – just to mention a few professions. The IT industry is constantly expanding and the labour market is strong, regardless of whether you would like to work in Sweden or abroad.

Characteristics of programmes at Linnaeus University

Our programmes are offered in Växjö and in distance learning format. At Linnaeus University, the study environment is characterised by a proximity between students and teachers and you will find everything you need to have a rich and fulfilling student life and an active leisure time.

Towards the end of your studies, you will also have the opportunity to get a mentor. By registering for the mentor programme, you will get the opportunity to exchange experiences with your mentor and establish valuable contacts before entering the labour market.

Frequently asked questions about computer science/IT