Design and Humanities

Do you want to use design to make a difference in the world? Would you like to create visual messages that have impact? Or are you interested in specialising in fields like cultural sciences, postcolonial studies, digital humanities, or English linguistics and comparative literature?

Linnaeus University offers a number of programmes that can lead to creative and inspiring professions within design and the humanities.

Career opportunities

If you choose to study a design programme, you will combine artistic design with visual arts, design and knowledge about sustainability. You will acquire cutting-edge knowledge to develop societies that are good for both humans and the environment.

You can also choose to specialise for work as a visual communications officer or study innovation with specialisation in design. By studying a humanities programme, you become prepared for work within, among other things, the cultural sector and the education sector. You can also choose to work with library and information or cultural heritage questions.

Characteristics of programmes at Linnaeus University

Our programmes are offered in Kalmar, in Växjö, and at a distance. The first-cycle design programmes are three-year programmes that result in a Degree of Bachelor in Fine Arts. If you would like to acquire in-depth knowledge, you have good opportunities to continue your studies on one of our 1-year or 2-year master’s programmes.
At Linnaeus University, the study environment is characterised by a proximity between students and teachers and you have access to everything you need in order to have a rich student life and an active leisure time.
What is more, towards the end of your studies, you have the opportunity to get a mentor. By registering on the mentor programme, you will get the opportunity to exchange experiences with your mentor and establish valuable contacts for your future professional life.

Frequently asked questions about design and humanities