Design student

Design, Art and Music

Are you interested in form and design? Do you like to express yourself in text, through music or pictures? Linnaeus University offers a number of courses and programmes that can lead to creative and inspiring professions within design, art and music.

Texts, notes being composed. Abstractly, organically, rhythmically. Stringently. Pictures and forms. Film sequences. Systematics, movements, segments.

Big complicated questions or one tiny little detail. Innovation and production. A long process. A eureka moment. Visualisation. Creation. Passion. Economy, politics, manufacturing, handicraft, technology. Material. To interpret the world. To see what is needed in the service of mankind.

Anything is possible. Globally, locally. Sustainably and responsibly. The world moves within me. I move through the world. I am my passion. I live in it. I'm ready.