Media production crew

Journalism, Information and Communication

Are you interested in history, societal conditions and culture and the interplay between these? Or do you want to have a career within media production and journalism? In our society, there are many jobs for which communicative skills are crucial. When studying with us, you get equipped to meet the needs to communicate and mediate with the surrounding world in different ways.

Language changes. Becomes archaic. Is reborn. In new forms, at new places. It changes and affects. It is the tool of man. Megaphone and magic wand.

It's about basic crafting skills. Hands on. True production. Theory and practice. Editing and compiling. Parts becoming a whole. Creative processes. Proofreading and text analysis. Detective work. Critical approaches. New challenges and old truths.

I am part of the language. Part of the texts, images and sounds. In the service of society. For democracy and freedom. For utility and pleasure. Fiction and facts. I am the tool providing utility. Making it all possible.