Students inspecting a runestone.

Languages and Culture

Are you interested in culture and the significance of the cultural heritage for politics, economy and regional societal development? Do you want to have an international job, where meeting different people, societies and cultures is part of your professional life? After having studied a programme within languages and culture with us you will be prepared for an international career and for work in a multicultural society.

The borders are invisible yet obvious. A grid covering the globe. Patchworks. Religions, values, traditions. Views and ideas. Appearing in images, forms, sounds. In music, literature, on stage. In the quarrel on the street, in the embrace, in the farewell. In what is hidden. In the exposed.

The past, the present. The future. The words, the tones, the colours moving through time. The grammar and the sentence structure. The phonetics and the syntax. The changes. The historical findings. The modern metropolis and the ancient architecture.

Questions dealing with modernity and globalisation. Ethnicity and pluralism. Imperialism. Ethics. Micro and macro perspectives. Visions. Structures. Behavioural patterns. Finding differences. Similarities. Seeing patterns. Intonations. Nuances.

Look out over the world and be overwhelmed. Anything is possible. I make it possible.