A student using a microscope

Natural Sciences

To live, influence, discover, grow. Ask questions and find answers. At Linnaeus University, theory is combined with practical work – in laboratory environment as well as in the field. With an education within biology, chemistry, mathematics or physics you have an important role, today and in the future, and also an exciting career to which you can look forward!

Now is the time to become sustainable. Recyclable. Our future requires climate-smart energy solutions. Wind power and water power. Renewable resources. Solar energy. We must charge our batteries.

How is it all connected? What are the smallest common denominators? The greatest dangers?

It's about mathematics. About momentum and parity. Biochemistry, cell and molecular biology. Physics and chemistry. Optometry. Toxicology. Evolutionary biology and ecology. Man needs food supplies. Medicines. Health and medical service. A planet that continues to function in a changing universe. The perspectives are overwhelming. It's about the tiniest of the tiny and the infinitely big.

The world is changing all the time. In what is big and in what is small. I want to influence the future. Right here, right now. I want to make a difference. I am ready. For life.