Natural Science

Are you curious about nature, man, or the universe and how everything is connected? Are you thorough and analytical? Do you want to learn how to carry out laboratory experiments and then analyse the measurement results? With an education in the natural sciences, you can, among other things, become a specialist within biology, physics, or mathematics.

Linnaeus University offers a range of different programmes in the natural sciences and you will get access to well-equipped laboratories and committed teachers who connect the latest research with their teaching. Many of the programmes contain practical elements in order for you to become prepared for your future professional role.

Career opportunities

When you have studied a natural sciences programme, you will be in demand on the labour market and have the opportunity to choose between a number of different professions, depending on your interest. Perhaps you would like to work with renewable resources or climate-smart energy solutions of the future. Possible professions are, for instance, mathematician at an insurance company, physicist, or researcher.

Characteristics of programmes at Linnaeus University

Our programmes are offered in Kalmar, Växjö, and at a distance. At Linnaeus University, the study environment is characterised by a proximity between students and teachers and you have access to everything you need in order to have a rich student life and an active leisure time. What is more, towards the end of your studies, you have the opportunity to get a mentor. By registering on the mentor programme, you will get the opportunity to exchange experiences with your mentor and establish valuable contacts for your future professional life.

Programmes at Master's level