Social and Behavioural Sciences

Do you want to take part in the work to solve global peace and development issues? Do you have an interest in international affairs, politics, and societal development? Do you want to specialise in questions relating to organisational development and the interplay between people in professional life?

By studying one of our programmes in social and behavioural sciences, you will acquire knowledge and tools to meet the challenges in a changing world. You can choose to specialise in peace and development studies, political science or psychology.

We offer programmes that encourage cultural exchange – and you become equipped to meet globalisation and internationalisation in your future professional life.

Characteristics of programmes at Linnaeus University

At Linnaeus University, the study environment is characterised by a proximity between students and teachers and you have access to everything you need in order to have a rich student life and an active leisure time. What is more, towards the end of your studies, you have the opportunity to get a mentor. By registering on the mentor programme, you will get the opportunity to exchange experiences with your mentor and establish valuable contacts for your future professional life.

Frequently asked questions about social and behavioural sciences