Students enjoying Stadsparken.

Social and Behavioural Sciences

Do you want to work with integration and diversity, peace and development and human rights? Or with leadership, organisation development or human feelings and behaviour? We offer courses and programmes that encourage cultural exchange – and you become prepared for meeting globalisation and internationalisation in your future working life.

Inequalities, functions, power. Politics. Identity. We shape and we are shaped. Norms and rules. Media. States, nations, cultures, groups. Individuals. Patterns and structures become visible under the magnifying glass.

Different perspectives. Inwards and outwards. Forward. But also upwards, downwards. Human beings in their contexts. Socially and culturally. Religiously. New approaches. New questions. Old questions. Questions concerning integration, diversity and gender. Sweden in Europe. In the world. International relations. Politics, public sector and organisations. Analysis. Practice. It is all linked together.

The development potential is at its greatest. Right now. The world is mine for the taking. I want to influence and be influenced. I want to contribute. I want to be committed and make others committed. I want to grow. Now.