Students enjoying Kalmar castle

Summer Academy

Linnaeus University Summer Academy offers an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary study environment – unique of its kind in Sweden. As a student participating in our summer academy you will get the opportunity to obtain unique academic experience that will enhance your CV and your future career. You gain cultural insights together with a mix of international and Swedish students, while also getting to enjoy the Swedish summer in one of the most attractive summer cities in the country.


The application period for Linnaeus University Summer Academy 2018 starts on December 1.

The location of Linnaeus University Summer Academy is the beautiful medieval city of Kalmar, one of our study sites, voted "Summer City of 2017" in a national travel guide competition.

The courses within our summer academy originate in Swedish culture and an innovative mindset. They are workshop-oriented and have a strong student focus. Courses are offered on undergraduate and graduate level. All courses are 7.5 credit full-time courses, taught in English and many have general entry requirements.

The combination of lectures and workshops within the student's own course and weekly interdisciplinary sessions for all participants at the academy, provide opportunities for new contacts and cultural insights – both from other students and from local and global business representatives.

Our extensive social programme will give you enhanced knowledge about Swedish culture and society as well as about the city and its surroundings. It will also serve as a great opportunity for you to get to know your fellow students at the Summer Academy. The programme offers organised day-trips and weekend excursions as well as outdoor and sports activities, and cultural events. We also offer optional excursions in the weekends.

Student testimonials 


The Dutch student Niels Back

"I really liked the fact that we were a small group on our course. Five participants from five different countries. In addition, most of my course mates were well-travelled which contributed further to us having interesting discussions with many different viewpoints and experiences being presented. Also, I think that our teacher Sven was really good, it was evident that he had a lot of experience from around the world. Another thing that exceeded my expectations for the course was the fact that we were invited on study visits to the municipalities of Nybro and Kalmar. The guest lecturers were very prominent persons, and interesting to listen to. The course in general held a high level, and yet we were allowed to work together to give the course our own personal touch. Kalmar is a nice city, and we've enjoyed good weather during most of our stay and done a lot of sporting activities – and it's so close to nature! I also like the fact that Kalmar is quite small; it's easy to meet people and to enjoy quiet and easy summer life, without too much going on. Before I came here I had never heard of Linnaeus University, and I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I looked it up and realised that the university was only a few years old. But then I read some more and it seemed to be a modern university. This turned out to be true; it feels new and fresh, with focus on sustainability and being on the forefront. The course in itself drew me here because to me it sounded like the perfect course, a mix of language and political science". Niels Back, Dutch. Course taken: The Nordic welfare model in a Swedish context

"Studying together with people from a number of different countries really gives you perspective"

The Swedish student Alexander Zens

"I really feel that the international, intercultural and interdisciplinary classroom was something that was evident during the Summer Academy. The great mix of students – I was the only Swedish student on my course – makes it possible to do all these very interesting comparisons between countries, societies and experiences. For me, being a Swede, it's easy to get so used to the Swedish society that I stop noticing what is good and bad and what could be different. Studying together with people from a number of different countries really gives you perspective; I've been able to see myself in a much larger context, both in time and space. I wasn't particularly familiar with Linnaeus University before, I come from up north, but instead it was the course in itself that was attractive to me, the main reason for my coming here this summer. The title and the content of the course truly spoke to me and felt just right in time". Alexander Zens, Swedish. Course taken: The Nordic welfare model in a Swedish context

"I really like the location, the surroundings are truly beautiful and I like being close to the sea."

The American student Naolani Hendricks

"I have a positive overall impression of the Summer Academy, I've really learnt a lot from my peers. The course in itself has also been good; I like the format with kind of two courses in one. Also, I really like the location, the surroundings are truly beautiful and I like being close to the sea. I also managed to get an apartment quite close to where we have our lectures which has been great. I found out about the Summer Academy by a member of staff from Linnaeus University visiting my college to recruit students. I then looked up Linnaeus University on the web and it seemed nice. I got help from my department chair to select a course, to make sure I picked a course that would be a good complement to my studies in the US. My time here in Sweden has also meant big culture clashes, most things are so different from how things are done back home – but it's been a positive learning experience. My experience of Swedes is that they are friendly and speak excellent English". Naolani Hendricks Cedar Crest College, USA. Course taken: Globalisation, social media and politics

Application and Admission


The application and admission process varies depending on whether you are an international student, exchange student or Swedish student. Mind the following when making your application:
* Only one course can be chosen among the summer academy courses. The schedule for all courses runs in parallel.
* A course can be canceled if the number of admitted students do not reach the required minimum of course participants.
* There is no drop/add period at the beginning of the summer academy


Application information

International students

For international student, i.e. non-exchange/freemover students who are not applying through any exchange agreement, the following application and admission dates apply:

• Apply online at The application fee is SEK 900*.
• Deadline for application: February 15**
• Notification of acceptance: March 23

*Application fee does not apply for EU/EEA-citizens
**Late application may take place if there are available places on a course following regular admission. Admission then takes place continuously in chronological order. 

Scholarships for international students 


Exchange students

For exchange students, i.e. students whose studies are regulated by an exchange agreement, the following application and admission dates apply:

• Deadline nomination of students: March 15
• Apply online (instruction will be given to nominated students)
• Deadline for application: April 1*
• The notifications of acceptance are sent out on an ongoing basis.

*Late application may take place if there are available places on a course following regular admission. Admission then takes place continuously in chronological order.


Swedish students

For Swedish students, i.e. students with a Swedish citizenship applying in the Swedish application round, the following application and admission dates apply:

• Apply online at
• Deadline for application: March 15*
• Notification of acceptance: May 2 

*Late application may take place if there are available places on a course following regular admission. Admission then takes place continuously in chronological order.


Please find more information on the general entry requirements here. For further information regarding admission please contact

More information about the courses


Lecture at summer academy

Course schedule

The timetable for each specific course will be sent out to the admitted students in the beginning of June. To get an idea of the course schedule, please look at the Timetable Framework 2018.pdf
High attendance in class is needed to complete the courses successfully.

To get the maximum opportunity to gain unique academic experience together with making new contacts and gain cultural insights from other international students, we offer activities to outreach the course syllabi. After reading the Timetable please make extra notice to:

  • Arrival days – Desired arrival days for International and Exchange students
  • Welcome and Orientation Programme – Registration and introduction to Linnaeus University Summer Academy
  • Interdisciplinary Session – Lecture/workshop in highly topical and exciting areas and themes of multidisciplinary interest. To get an idea, see the Interdisciplinary Sessions 2017.pdf
  • Summer Academy Ceremony – A closing ceremonial
  • Day of departure – Desired day of departure for International and Exchange students


Course literature

The compulsory course literature is listed in the syllabus of each course. The syllabus is attached on the respective course website, see the Summer Academy Course list. The course literature is normally required to be acquired before course start.

You are responsible for making sure that you have all the necessary course literature. Most course literature needs to be bought, most common is through the internet. However, usually a few copies of most books are available at the University Library – first come, first served.


For you as a summer academy student the course certificate and official transcript of records will be sent in mid-September



Accommodation for students participating in our summer academy varies depending on if you are a:

  • fee-paying student (i.e. student with citizenship outside EU/EES or Switzerland,
  • exchange student (i.e. student who take part in an exchange programme and whose studies are regulated by agreements between Linnaeus University and the home university),
  • or a non-fee-paying student (e.g. student with citizenship from EU/EES or Switzerland).


Accommodation for fee-paying and/or exchange students

All tuition-fee paying students and exchange students participating are guaranteed accommodation on the condition that application is completed prior to the relevant deadline. The Summer Academy housing has a limited number of rooms which are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that students who submit their complete accommodation applications will be, based on the preferences, assigned accommodation first.

Moving in-date: from 9th of July. 
Moving out-date: 17th of August, 10 am at the latest. 

FOJO Student Housing
FOJO Student Housing is situated in the northern part of Kalmar in an area of natural beauty. The Student Housing address is Gröndalsvägen 19B and is located 10 minutes by bike from the university buildings.

The FOJO Student Housing includes:

  • Single-bed furnished rooms with separate bathrooms, linen, towels, TV and radio
  • Access to wireless Internet.
  • 1-2 cleaning per week inclusive final cleaning.
  • Simple kitchen facilities, living room and laundry facilities are placed in the same building and will be shared with other Summer Academy students.
  • Breakfast all weekdays are included.

KALMARHEM student accommodation
The KALMARHEM student accommodations are located at different locations in Kalmar within 5-10 minutes walking and/or biking distance to the university buildings.

The KALMARHEM student accommodations include:

  • Single-bed furnished rooms with mostly separate bathrooms, linen, towels. In some dorm rooms bathrooms are shared by two rooms.
  • Access to Internet is included. Bring your own ethernet cable (RJ45) or your own router for wifi.
  • Final cleaning.
  • Kitchen facilities, living room and laundry facilities are placed in the same building and will be shared with other Summer Academy students.

On request from Summer Academy students, we strive to mix students as much as possible. This means nationality, gender and age are also taken into consideration when distributing rooms.

Accommodation for non-fee-paying students

Non-fee-paying students are not guaranteed accommodation and are therefore advised to start looking for somewhere to live as early as possible to maximize the chances of finding accommodation. Please note that it's the student's responsibility to find his/her accommodation. One tip would be to call the person leasing the room or apartment. We can recommend you to visit the following links:

Student Union accommodation service

Linnéstudenterna, the Student Union at Linnaeus University, provides an accommodation service on the website, where you can find private rooms and sublets. Note: Make sure to choose 'Kalmar' in the Location-list. If you are to study the course in Glass design, you can also make a search for 'Nybro' in the list. If you find anything of interest, contact the advertiser directly. Please remember that the Student Union does not own any type of housing, nor does the university.


Hotel 42, Kalmar

Hotel 42 is a fresh, pleasant and priceworthy extended stay Hotel in Kalmar. Only 5-10 minutes walk to the center and maximum of 15 min to most attractions. Access to kitchen, laundry facilities and free internet.


Website for apartment rentals, (in Swedish only)


Sweden's biggest accommodation website for students, (in Swedish only)

Useful Facebook-groups (in Swedish but often ads/posts in English)

Lägenheter Söka/Byta/Uthyres (apartments for rent):

Lnu Köp/Sälj (buy/sell/rent):

Temporary accommodation, Kalmar
Kalmar Tourist Information Office:

Social activities


Lusa arrival day

As a student at our summer academy, we think you should have as great experiences in your social life as with your studies. Our social programme will give you both enhanced knowledge about Swedish culture and society as about the city and its surroundings. It will also serve as a great opportunity for you to get to know your fellow students at the summer academy. The programme offers organised day-trips and weekend excursions as well as outdoor and sports activities, and cultural events. We also offer optional excursions in the weekends. The programme for 2018 is yet to be set but please see Field Trips and Tours 2017 for further information on what has been included in past years.

Closing ceremony 2016

Practical information


Moving to another country or city, even for a short period of time, requires a great deal of preparation and planning ahead. Administration processes usually take some time, which means you will have to start early. As an international student or exchange student, we recommend you to read through our practical Guide for international students A5.pdf

Summer Academy dates

The Summer Academy courses run between July 16 to August 17, 2018: 

Arrival days (international and exchange students): July 9–12
Welcome and Orientation days: July 13–14
Course dates: July 16 – August 17
Final exams: August 15
Summer Academy Ceremony: August 16
Day of departure (international and exchange students): August 17
Please note that the Academic Calendar differs depending on if you are an international student, exchange student or Swedish student. The Academic Calendar for each student group can be found below.

Residens permit - international and exchange students

All students without an EU/EEA citizenship have to apply for a residence permit/visa for Sweden. As soon as the student has received the acceptance to the summer academy, the application process should start, contact your nearest Swedish embassy or consulate for more information.

EU/EEA citizens are allowed to stay in Sweden without residence permit.

Lectures and study facilities


The summer academy lectures will be held in modern university facilities, at the Kalmar Maritime Academy, down at the guest harbour, address: Landgången 4, Kalmar. The guest harbour is one of Kalmar's most popular places in summertime, with a nice view towards the island of Öland, the medieval Kalmar Castle, and the city center and shopping area.
The University Library, address; Nygatan 18 A, Kalmar, is a commonly used workplace for students with group study rooms, computer study desks, computer labs and quiet study rooms. The library offers a wide range of databases, thousands of journals and over 360,000 books. The University Library is opened for our summer academy students every afternoon on weekdays.

MyMoodle is the learning platform used in the summer academy courses.


Summer Academy budget

To give you an idea of the summer academy costs the following example of a budget might be of help. Please note that tuition fee-paying students have to add the tuition fee to the costs below.*


5,5 weeks





Course literature


Other costs


Total SEK



*Tuition fee apply to international students from outside EU/EEA whose studies are not regulated by an exchange agreement. The tuition fee varies between the different courses, please check each specific course for further information.


All major credit cards are accepted in Sweden, both for direct payment and for withdrawing money from an ATM. Visa and Master cards are accepted nearly everywhere, while e.g. American Express may be accepted less frequently. Do not bring personal cheques, as they cannot be cashed at Swedish banks. Do not rely on one single means of payment! Make sure you have several different means of accessing your money.


Fee-paying students

Fee-paying students who have paid their tuition fee are covered by Kammarkollegiet's FAS insurance. FAS is an accident insurance that covers emergency medical care and emergency dental care.

Exchange students

Exchange students are covered by Kammarkollegiet's Student IN insurance. Student IN is an accident insurance that covers emergency medical care, emergency dental care and personal property.

Travel to Summer Academy

From Copenhagen, Denmark

The best way to travel to Kalmar is to fly into Copenhagen Airport. There are direct trains between the airport and Kalmar train station. The train leaves every hour or every second hour. The direct train from Copenhagen takes approximately 3 hours 30 minutes. You can buy your train ticket at the airport. If you think you are eligible for a discounted fare, you should ask when buying your ticket. For train timetables, visit

From Stockholm, Sweden

By air

There are several daily flights on weekdays, less frequent on weekends. The flight time is approximately one hour. Direct flights to Kalmar depart from either Arlanda or Bromma airports.
Please see,

By train

There is a train station at Arlanda airport; take the Arlanda Express train to Stockholm central station and continue with a regular train from there to Kalmar. The train from Stockholm takes approximately 4 hours 30 minutes to Kalmar. For train timetables, visit

Travelling to Linnaeus University by bus

Travelling by bus is usually the cheapest way of travelling within Sweden. If you want to travel by bus, visit the following websites to find appropriate destinations and timetables. - long distance - long distance - long distance

At arrival

Welcome and orientation days

(for all students)

In order to help you settle into life at the Summer Academy, welcome and orientation days will be held at the end of the week before when the course period starts. During the orientation you will receive both practical and academic information.

Arrival and pick-up service

(for tuition fee-paying students and exchange students)

During the arrival days, we will provide a pick-up service upon your arrival in Kalmar. A student will meet you at the airport or the train station, provided that you have informed us of your time of arrival by the date listed in your acceptance pack. When arriving in Kalmar, you will receive the keys to your accommodation as well as some information before you are taken to your housing.

The City of Kalmar "Summer City of the Year"

vallmo i stadsmiljö

Kalmar with its surroundings truly is the perfect place to be if you want to enjoy the Swedish summer. Kalmar has been voted "Summer City of the Year" in a national travel guide competition. There are numerous places to visit and events to attend – from culture, history and music to nature, recreation and sports. Did you know Kalmar is one of few cities in the world hosting the Ironman Triathlon?

Kalmar is a town dating back to the Middle Ages, situated on the beautiful southeast coast of Sweden. Although Kalmar today is a modern town, with more than 60,000 inhabitants, it has been able to keep its old charm. The university buildings and student accommodation in Kalmar are spread throughout the town and are well integrated with the historical surroundings – making students feel part of the town.

The close proximity to the Baltic Sea leaves its impression on life in Kalmar. Smaller beaches and places to go swimming are dotted around the town centre. The island of Öland offers spectacular nature reserves and top class beaches with miles of white sand and is well worth a visit.