Accommodation Preferences Linnaeus University Summer Academy

To be able to be guaranteed accommodation you have to submit the accommodation application prior to deadline, April 22d 2018.

Available accommodation

The available accommodation formats are dorm rooms at FOJO Student Housing or Kalmarhem student accommodation. It is also possible to look for accommodation by yourself. If so, you take responsibility for booking, payment etc.

We have limited rooms of the different options and therefore we need you to prioritize what room you would like. Please choose from the drop down menu below.

Guaranteed rooms are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that students who submit their complete applications will be, based on the preferences, assigned accommodation first.

On request from Summer Academy students, we strive to mix students as much as possible. This means nationality, gender and age are also taken into consideration when distributing rooms.

FOJO Student Housing SEK 8200 (9th of July to 17th of August at 10.00 am)

FOJO Student Housing is situated in the northern part of Kalmar in an area of natural beauty. The Student Housing address is Gröndalsvägen 17 and is located  close to the university building where Summer Academy is situated. It is 10 minutes by bike to the other university buildings and to Kalmar City.

The FOJO Student Housing includes:
- Single-bed furnished rooms with separate bathrooms, linen, towels, TV and radio.
- Access to wireless Internet.
- 1-2 cleaning per week inclusive final cleaning.
- Simple kitchen facilities, living room and laundry facilities are placed in the same building and are shared with other Summer Academy students.
- Breakfast all weekdays are included.

KALMARHEM student accommodation SEK 6000 (9th of July to 17th  of August at 10.00 am)

The KALMARHEM student accommodations are located at different locations in Kalmar within 5-10 minutes biking distance to the university building where the Summer Academy is situated. Most of the accomodations are located close to the university buildings and to Kalmar City.

The KALMARHEM student accommodations include:
- Single-bed furnished rooms with mostly separate bathrooms, linen, towels. In some dorm rooms bathrooms are shared by two rooms.
- Access to Internet is included. Bring your own ethernet cable (RJ45) or your own router for wifi.
- Final cleaning.
- Kitchen facilities, living room and laundry facilities are placed in the same building and are shared with other Summer Academy students and other students.

For general information about accommodation please visit our website.

Cancellation and reimbursement of accommodation fee

In case of cancellation of accommodation there is no reimbursement of the accommodation fee.

Thank you for your application.