Technology and Engineering

Are you innovative and creative? Would you like to have a varied job with focus on problem-solving and development of new products and services? What all technicians and engineers have in common, is that they contribute to the development of our society and try to solve existing problems.

Career opportunities

The labour market is strong and engineers are often in great demand. Possible professions when you have studied a technology programme, in addition to engineer jobs, are analyst, technical expert, project manager, production manager, or designer.

Characteristics of programmes at Linnaeus University

Our technology programmes are offered in Växjö. At Linnaeus University, the study environment is characterised by a proximity between students and teachers and you have access to everything you need in order to have a rich student life and an active leisure time. What is more, towards the end of your studies, you have the opportunity to get a mentor. By registering on the mentor programme, you will get the opportunity to exchange experiences with your mentor and establish valuable contacts for your future professional life.

Frequently asked questions about technology and engineering