Two engineering students in progress

Technology and Engineering

Problem-solving, challenges of the future and smart technical solutions. Common for all technicians and engineers is that they develop our society and work to solve existing problems. Our courses and programmes provide you with both broad technical skills and cutting-edge knowledge for the labour market of the future.

Development, improvement, progress. In what is big. Worldwide. And in the very foundation. In the material. For society, for mankind. The road is always straight ahead. The tracks, the bridges. The cycleway, the subway. The runway. We must make perfect landings.

Mathematics is the basis. Technology. Physics. The calculations, the measurements. It's about connections. It's about strength, vibrations, signals. Energy. Structural dynamics and grid analyses. Performance and comfort. Planning, steering and maintenance. Design, architecture. Economy. Tradition and new construction. Concrete. Steel. Wood.

Builder of the future. Constructor. Innovator. I shape the future. The future is now. Anything is possible.