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Skills development for professionals

Skills development of professionals is an important and natural task for Linnaeus University. When you are looking for further qualification or in-service training for your company or organisation, feel free to contact us and we will tell you more.

We call it professional education. You may call it skills development, further education, staff development, skills management, inspiration, change management or conversion. Regardless of what terminology is used, Linnaeus University can contribute in the process.

Our forms of professional education

  • tailor-made education for your company or organisation.
  • courses and programmes that are already part of our course selection but which can be offered on different conditions and with a specific employer.
  • further education and in-service training within the profession in order to update the professional skills and knowledge.
  • in-service training in order to secure licenses, certificates and diplomas within specific professions.
  • in-service training as part of a conversion process.
  • contract educations can generate higher education credits – if that is an expressed desire from you as an employer.
  • contract educations can be offered at the university in Växjö or Kalmar, as distance educations or at a city of your choice. We can also visit you and your company with a specially-designed education.

Your needs – our mission

The starting point for all contract education is the need that has been identified by the employer. It is our mission to work together with you to develop and adapt the education in order for it to correspond to the needs and demand – sometimes aimed at an entire line of business and sometimes aimed at an individual company, authority or organisation.

Contract education can be shaped in many different ways and be provided at many different levels. It can be made up of a selection of lectures within a certain field, but it can also consist of courses or programmes that cover several years. It can be provided at one of our campuses, as boarding school or as distance education. If you choose tailor-made contract education, the university will be your collaboration partner in a development process for your company or organisation.

At Linnaeus University, there are experts within a number of different fields who are eager to share with you their knowledge to help establish collaboration between theory and practice, between the academy and the trade and industry. One important component in in-service training of working professionals is the possibility to exchange experiences. Learning in adults differs in that aspect from first-cycle education of students. We know that. That is part of our expertise.

Sometimes, students and working professionals meet on the same education, something that can provide an additional value when you as a working professional get to share your experience with the younger talents who, in return, contribute with new knowledge and new perspectives.

Contract education – step by step

Contact us, and then we will start a dialogue on what needs and possibilities there are. After that, we will outline a syllabus, a plan for the implementation and submit an offer. We then together decide whether the course is to generate higher education credits and, if so, how the examination is to take place. When we have worked out the content and the costs, we write a contract. We also fix the timetable for the implementation. As employer, you are responsible for choosing the selection of participants for the education. After the education, we evaluate and follow-up the effects of the completed education.

Linnaeus University has long experience

Linnaeus University has long and extensive experience of carrying out various forms of skills development for companies and organisations. Commonly occurring fields within contract education are, for instance, leadership and organisation – ranging from training of future leaders to in-service training of experienced managers – as well as pedagogical and didactical development in educations with principals, special needs teachers, and teachers. Other fields within which Linnaeus University has carried out extensive contract educations over time are technology, IT, nautical science, business administration and journalism. The university is a resource, home to a broad palette of knowledge that can be combined in so many different ways.

Analyses and reports

Linnaeus University also works with analyses, investigations, research service and reports carried out on commission from external parties.


Welcome to contact us so that we can tell you more about our tailor-made contract educations and what opportunities there are. You can also send an email to and we will get back to you.

Our profile areas

Each year we offer thousands of courses. In order to offer you as a societal actor or interested party a way in to our extensive knowledge bank, we have divided our subjects into a number of profile areas.

Linnaeus University's national contract educations

In the box you can see examples of national contract educations for which Linnaeus University is responsible at a more overall level and on a general basis. In addition to these, there are also a large number of other fields, subjects and examples of contract education at the university.